Author Bonnie West

I’m a writer who doesn’t write enough but loves to write. I am, like so many, someone who finds herself cleaning out a drawer instead of sitting down to write. I don’t know why I hinder my own progress, but I know I’m not alone and now, at sixty-nine years old, probably won’t be changing, although I’ll never stop trying.

I write alone, but have been involved with various writers groups over the years.

I love writing on the computer but email has made sharing my stories with friends too easy and something I do before my stories are fully revised. Fortunately my friends bear with me. I unabashedly love Facebook and always buy recommended books, cherish all the photos people post, have read articles I never would have read had they not been shared, have learned a great deal, socially and politically, and I have, of course seen amazing dog and cat videos.

The first thing I published was an article in Redbook Magazine in 1982 in A Young Mother’s Story. I went on to publish two more essays in Redbook, several in Women’s Day and one in Ladies Home Journal. My essays have appeared in the Star Tribune, Mpls/St Paul Magazine, and Minnesota Monthly.  My work has been reprinted in three editions of Soup for the Soul books, and my favorite, Dog on the Bed in The Ultimate Dog Lover’s book.

I’ve written short stories for the past thirty years, but each story takes me a very long time and I haven’t written many. I do enter contests with stories and was fortunate to have been a winner in The Austin Chronicle short story contest twice  (2nd and 3rd place) and the Talking Stick’s contest, also twice (1st and 2nd place.)  I’ve had stories published in several different literary magazines.

My greatest rejection was a page long and handwritten, discussing the work, from Martha Spaulding of The Atlantic Monthly.

I was thrilled when asked by InkTears to submit a collection. And now I have my book, Boyfriends, published.

My four children’s mini-mysteries were published by Carol Rhoda Press and I co-authored, with Diane Carter, Hideki and Kenji Save the Day, a children’s book written for Japanese friends who survived the earthquake and Tsunami of March 2011

I have a first novel, which  was an amazing experience to write, in the circular file and I am at work on a second collection of short stories.

I’m married to a swell man, have two wonderful children, two perfect grandsons and good friends.